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TEDxOcala Preview!

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On November 13th, 2021 I had the honor of presenting at TEDxOcala. My talk was titled "Neurodiversity: the new normal" and spoke of how the neurodivergent population (autism, ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia and other brain based differences) is on the rise, and we need Education, Identification and Support in order to make some real shifts.

Once it comes live I'll post a link here...but for now, here is a preview of all our talks from the event. It was an incredible day, with so many amazing topics and fellow speakers. It was truly a dream come true and am full of gratitude to have shared the stage with such wonderful humans.

Presenting was not the end...only the beginning...I hope you'll join me in spreading the word once the video is live (end of 2021)...the best way I know to get the word out is by watching, commenting and liking (then sharing!) the video.

For now, here is the behind the scenes preview. I'll keep you posted on the real deal!

Life is certainly a journey... let us enjoy the ride!

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