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Speak Up and Speak Out: Advocacy and IEP's, an interview with Frank Menhams

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Listen to my podcast, where I interview Frank Menhams from OARS. We talk about the work we do, Individual Education Plan (IEP) advocacy and more!

" In this episode of the “Outrageous and Vulnerable Podcast”, Cynthia Coupe interviews Frank Menhams. Frank is a social worker and long time disability rights advocate. Frank details his experience working with students and families as they set up IEPs (Individualized Education Plan) and the importance of disability advocacy during this process, especially from the students involved. Cynthia and Frank have experience as parents of a student with an IEP and share about their own journeys. This episode includes advice for parents and will help listeners understand their rights and responsibilities and throughout this process."

*SELPA: Special Education Local Plan Areas

You can view all my podcasts on my website:

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