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Outreach Advocacy Resources and Services

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Our Vision and Mission

We envision a world where the term "disability" doesn't need to exist, where neurodiversity is as important as biodiversity and where success is defined by our own measures. 


At OARS we provide Outreach, Advocacy, Resources and Services to individuals and families with developmental differences.

What this means is that, in addition to evaluating and treating individuals based on their unique profiles, we also find connections that will support the individual and family system beyond what our services provide.

At OARS it is our mission to provide services and foster connections based on an individuals interests, strengths and goals.  We believe in a strengths based approach that unites all stakeholders.

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Community Service
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Connecting community

Increasing awareness

Social Groups: skill building and interest matching

At OARS, we seek to break down barriers between society and those who are differently abled.  We work towards facilitating community connections and awareness about developmental differences.

We educate our clients and families on how to advocate for their needs while also working with the community to better understand the needs and differences of our clients.

Our activities are centered around friendships, life experiences and skill building.  OARS provides social groups and activities in natural environments where we learn ourselves, communicate in context and learn what our bodies and brains can do!


Homework Help

Evaluation and Goal Setting

Our evaluation process looks at a client in all environments, not just the clinical setting.  We then work together to set goals and areas for growth, while building on the inherent strengths and interests of our clients.  We partner with the Redwood Coast Regional Center as well as accept private pay clients.

 I have had the great fortune of receiving professional help and therapies from both Cynthia and Frank for my daughter.  They both bring intelligence, warmth, great skill, and a perspective of the whole picture. My daughter was helped greatly by both of them.  I am forever grateful for the time she spent in each of their care.  

Lily: Parent

I really enjoyed Dandelion's talk about child development... I left feeling more informed and also a bit inspired. YAY for communication!!! Thank you for your honesty and sharing from your heart.

Bess:  Parent

We are so thankful to have Cynthia as a resource for our community. Cynthia's expertise goes beyond speech pathology and her day-to-day work with children. Her workshop for parents on pragmatics was eye-opening, professional, and inspiring. If only we could have more of Cynthia at our school!

Chloe:  Director of Montessori del Mar


430 Redwood Avenue
Fort Bragg, CA 95437


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