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About Us

OARS:  Born From a Shared Vision

The founders of OARS (Frank Menhams and Cynthia Coupé) first met over Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings in their local school district.  Both were professionals representing students and families and both recognized the other as consistently seeing the students for their inherent strengths while also advocating for the families they served.  They came from the perfect mix of different backgrounds...Frank as a Social Worker, and Cynthia as a Speech Language Pathologist. 


We firmly believe that the connection between self-advocacy and community support can change our world.  When we look at individuals from the standpoint of their inherent strengths, encourage our clients to learn themselves and educate the community about neurodiversity, everyone stands to benefit.


Using practical, research-based methods, we help clarify what is needed and work to help individuals gain skills across their lifespan. 


Meet The Team

Frank Menhams
Program Director

Frank is a people-person through and through.  Advocating for clients is his top priority, and his favorite ages to work with are teens and young adults. 

Cynthia Coupé
Clinical Director

Cynthia knows how to see through to what really matters.  She is adept at focusing on core issues while infusing humor and advocacy into her everyday work.

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